EBEN is a company specialised in the design and conception of tailor-made models.

It was founded in 2017, born out of a dream shared by two generations, combining experience, construction and development skills through the noble art of producing.
A Portuguese company, EBEN has vast international experience thanks to the background of its founders.

mobiliário de sala moderno e contemporaneo


EBEN’s values reflect their leaders and come to the fore in the quality of work, its implications and the respect for what has been agreed, guaranteeing our availability and customer satisfaction.

mobiliário de sala moderno cinzento e amarelo

In a globalised and constantly changing market, producing is not limited to just creating.

Producing also means taking a step back, coming up with original and impactful solutions, leading to greater efficiency and optimisation of deadlines, cost control and respect for the environment.

years of experience

EBEN is the result of 60 years of professional life, throughout which we have maintained a vision and positioning in the market of tailor-made models whereby we aim to be difference-makers in terms of how a project is approached, managed and designed.

Design gives rise to Innovation; Innovation strengthens the Brand; the Brand builds Loyalty and Loyalty sustains Profits.

Marty Neumeier
sala de estar com lareira ou recuperador forrado a madeira

EBEN combines realism and pragmatism, essential aspects of production, with the creative and imaginative spirit needed to bring success to the process of making an article or a final product.

While producing is our core activity, it is not the first step of the process, but rather the last one. We insist on a joint effort whereby our team and the customer work in conjunction.


Analyse, anticipate and propose are phases that comprise part of our mission to monitor and manage projects and which guarantee the achievement of our customers’ goals.

espaço tecnologico com oculos vr

EBEN is a HYBRID company in the sector it operates in, with an approach that strives to support changes in our environments, lifestyles and ability to anticipate and predict the future.

The best showcase of our philosophy is our headquarters: an adroit mixture of innovative spaces, which allows design to flourish, and a productive facility that allies machines, semi-manual tools and the latest-generation technology.

Studio Production

Empresa especializada no design e conceção de mobiliário personalizado


Marrying the noble art of carpentry to the knowhow of our employees, enabling us to meet the demands of the market in terms of competitiveness, the cost/performance ratio and optimisation of delivery and assembly times.

We put our customers at the centre of the project

In order for our customers to have complete trust in our ability to support them in all phases of the project, through the transparency of our communication methods, our commitment starts with the first contact with the customer, moves onto the design phase and ends with a guarantee of delivery and assembly of projects of the utmost excellence.

pormenor de interior de empresa com mesa e cadeira
l'atelier de louis
l'atelier do louis


L’ATELIER DE LOUIS is the studio where everything happens and where the only limit is our imagination. This is where we nurture the desire to think and work on single articles and made-to-measure pieces that carry a strong image.
We have created a showroom where the terms experimentation and workshop epitomise what goes on there. A place dedicated to our customers, where it is possible to foster creativity, enhance originality, create prototypes, and finally build.

The ATELIER of LOUIS is a way of being, a life art connected to design, which makes the difference through distinction and where we produce singular pieces, thought out to the finest detail.

Initial failure is simply an opportunity to start again, furnished with more intelligence.